was set up to educate and provide the highest quality CBN, CBG and CBC products direct from the lab. believes strongly in our operating procedures and processes and have done diligence to provide the highest safety measures available.

When exploring the world of rare cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and CBC its important to weigh out your options. Getting reliable, quality and fair priced rare cannabinoids can become a gamble.

The pricing on these can range tremendously depending on where you shop. We believe in being fair and building relationships with B2B. That’s why we will compete for your business and price match.  We keep up with market pricing to ensure you get the best deals on CBG, CBN, and CBC. How do we do this?

We work with other manufacturers of these rare cannabinoids as well, as we know collaboration is the key to success! We are more powerful when we come together and can continue to increase efficacy to drop the price and make these rare cannabinoids more affordable. The sales facet of the hemp industry has become over flooded with unqualified brokers and unreliable business. 

With the next wave of new cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN you want to buy from a trusted source on the inside direct to lab. Our business model is set up direct as an inside marketing campaign to help our lab share and spread these rare cannabinoids to get you the highest quality CBG isolate, CBN distillate as well as CBC available.

Manufactured right in Denver CO from 100% legal licensed & insured products. Sold in all 50 states as we are also proud to be THC free 0.00 non-detect! We have easy debit and credit card processing payment options to make purchasing convenient.

The minimum purchase order from for CBN, CBG, CBC is 100 grams while supplies last.